「KTW LURES」は、“釣れるクランクベイトをつくる”という特化した目的のためにつくられたハンドメイドクランクベイトブランドです。ボディには、バルサとレッドシダー、異なる素材を適材適所で使用し、素材の段階から比重や硬さを厳選した材料仕入れを行うことで、ハンドメイドルアーにありがちな製品のバラつきを抑えました。また全モデルに、キャスト時のクラッシュを防ぎ、強い波動を生み出す1.6mmロングステンレスヒートンを採用しています。これらの各パーツはもちろん、下地からトップコートまで、あらゆる部分と工程にこだわって製作しているカスタムベイト達です。


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Over the years of using crank baits from all around the world, there were always wishes and questions. “I wish if there was bait like… why don’t they make this crank bait with…” so on so forth. KTW Lures were started with my cravings of filling my needs of having the baits that I can be happy with. (don’t get me wrong here, there are a lot of great baits out there that I admire.) and I would say that the consistency of quality for those hand made wooden crank baits were definitely one of the issues I had. There’s no question that It has always been a challenge to control the density difference to the minimum when you’re building hand made wooden crank baits. You go out there and buy a 10~20 baits and you’re left with a few (or sometimes less) that you can be happy with… You’ve heard the story everywhere.
At KTW Lures, we spend time with balsa/red cedar wholesalers to arrange same quality/density material. So when you buy KTW products, that the difference between baits within the same model is controlled to minimum. As a matter of fact, they are so close that they are almost identical, (true tune may be required) you take it out of the box and it is guaranteed that you have the highest quality hand crafted crank baits you can ask for. All KTW Crank baits are equipped with 1.6mm stainless steel eye bolt. Unlike those brass wire, it is so much stronger and 1.6mm diameter helps to create strong vibration. They are also all equipped with Owner ST-36BC hooks for the best hook up ratio, and the lips are all created from circuit board. All the parts are chosen for the best response/action in the water, – simply to catch fish!