There are couple of things that the hard plastic injection crank baits does better than hand made wooden crank baits. For example, wooden crank baits will never be transparent. In the clear water situation it may be true that the hard plastic injection baits would be chosen over hand made wooden baits for that reason. Plastics may also do better with holographic baits. Needless to say, with the plastic injection, it is possible to create completely the same bait. It is also true that the plastic injection baits may last longer.
As I fish the lakes and reservoirs all over in Japan, I came across with the needs to fill in certain situations, just as I did with wooden baits. For example, I had a situation where I would be cranking along miles of rock pile at Hachirogata in Akita. Definitely wanted the sharp balsa action, but to use circuit board made balsa bait, I couldn’t imagine how many of them I had to go through. I needed hard plastic crank bait with a strong lip, with the sensitivity and the sharp action just like balsa shallow crank bait. That’s why I designed the “bullet head” the 1st shallow crank bait from mibro, very hight floating sharp action with sensitive response. With my lure production, there are always needs to fill for my (or my friends) fishing. Living questions produce real answers. – again, simply to catch fish!