Rodio Drive

Rodio Drive



Rodeo Drive is design to be a fast retrieve flat side crank bait, especially in the situation where clear water reservoir and fast current backwater. Strong flashing effect and strong vibration will attract schooling bass. I made Rodeo Drive from red cedar, which helps you to avoid Rodeo Drive rotating when you cast it. Red cedar also helps it create a strong beating wake. You may also use it around the cover in the cold and clear shallow water situation (cold and high pressure situation) by approaching with its subtle action when you slow retrieve it, helps you to attract inactive slow bass without spooking them.
(6.5cm 5/16oz Maximam depth: around 1m [3.3ft] )


Rodio Driveリップ形状


Rodio Driveサイド


販売価格 スペック
3,400円(本体価格) 全長:6.5cm/自重:5/16ozクラス/潜行深度:1m前後/レッドシダー製


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