B7 Deep

B7 ディープ



B7 Deep is the deep diving version of B7. This lure is also made from red cedar. Its high density body helps you to cast long distance. It also provides strong wobbling action and low floating response in deep water, so it sends anglers “clear vibration”. It is a very important information for you to crank in deep water, because when this “continuing clear vibration feel” changes to something else, that’s how you define what kind of cover the lure is deflecting from. So you can slow/stop your retrieve to dodge the cover and give a moment for bass to bite.
(7cm 5/8oz Maximam Depth: 2.5~3m [8~10ft])


B7 ディープリップ形状


B7 ディープサイド


販売価格 スペック
3,400円(本体価格) 全長:7cm/自重:5/8ozクラス/潜行深度:2.5~3m/レッドシダー製


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